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The Ultimate Cheap 2.5GbE PoE Unmanaged Switch

In our Hasivo S1100P-8GT review, we find a PoE+ capable 2.5GbE switch that reaches price parity with Netgear 1GbE models, changing the market

The QNAP TS-h1290FX Might Be the AMD EPYC NAS STHers Dream...

The QNAP TS-h1290FX brings AMD EPYC "Rome" CPUs, 12x PCIe Gen4 NVMe drive bays, 4x PCIe Gen4 slots, 25GbE, and ZFS to a desktop NAS

Cheap Intel Pentium N6005 4x 2.5GbE Fanless Firewall and Router Review

We take a look at the cheap Intel Pentium N6005 4x 2.5GbE offerings for firewalls, routers, and virtualization to see if it is useful

Cheapest 2.5GbE 8-port Switch TP-Link TL-SH1008 Review

In our TP-Link TL-SH1008 review, we see if the cheapest ($119) 8-port 2.5GbE switch that we could find is any good, or if it is just cheap

Two Fanless Intel Celeron N5105 4x 2.5GbE Options Reviewed

We review two Intel Celeron N5105 fanless firewall and router options with 4x 2.5GbE NICs that arrived as an update to our J4125 units

HP EliteDesk Mini 2.5GbE Flex IO V2 NIC is Here

The HP EliteDesk Mini 2.5GbE Flex IO V2 has landed bringing 2.5GbE via an Intel i225 as a second NIC to newer HP Project TinyMiniMicro nodes

How to Pass-through PCIe NICs with Proxmox VE on Intel and...

We have a quick how-to guide for pass-through PCIe NICs with Proxmox VE on Intel and AMD. This is often used for pfSense and OPNsense

Inexpensive 4x 2.5GbE Fanless Router Firewall Box Review

We take a look at this inexpensive 4x 2.5GbE fanless box with Intel J4125 and i225 NICs that now works as a pfSense firewall and router

Supermicro X12STN-E Review Hard Drive Sized SBC with Crazy Features

In our Supermicro X12STN-E review, we see what this 3.5" Intel Tiger Lake platform with dual 2.5GbE, PCIe Gen4, and passive cooling offers

ULT-WIIQ USB 3 to 2.5GbE Network Adapter Review

We review the ULT-WIIQ USB 3 to 2.5GbE network adapter and explain why, although cheaper, we would skip this NIC